Art by Wyanne Chase

What do you get when you combine talented artists with charities in need? Art for Critters.

Artists from around the world, with a desire to help animals in need, have committed to donating a portion of their art sales to help animal charities.

Every little bit helps and each donation will mean another day of food, medical care or just a peaceful nights sleep for some needy critter. Our hats are off to the wonderful, caring workers at these charities and we are happy to help them with our artistic abilities.

We work hand in hand with the charities. When we list an auction we email the charity with the link, this way they see the progress and can add the link to their website. All donations are made directly to the charity from the individual Art for Critters artist upon the completion of the sale.

It brings us joy to know that as a group we can combine our passion of painting with our love of animals.

Please take a moment and browse the many styles of fabulous art available.

Help us help them.

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