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The charities on our list are those that have been selected and researched by our artist members. We will not be adding new charities in the foreseeable future since we want to be able to support these charities without spreading our resources too thin. We know that there are many worthy animal charities out there and certainly wish we could help them all, of course that isn't possible, so we've chosen to focus our efforts on a limited number.

ANDR - Animal D.R.E.A.M.S
Animal D.R.E.A.M.S. is a not-for-profit organization improving the lives of feral and abandoned cats. Based in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, Animal D.R.E.A.M.S.' mission is to have all feral cat colonies in Berkshire County managed and stabilized, with healthy cats and a zero reproductive rate, with kittens and non-feral cats socialized and adopted out into loving homes. All cats are screened, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated prior to release or adoption. Visit

CAWC - Cast-A-Way Cats
Cast-A-Way Cats is a growing, 501 c(3) Non Profit, NO KILL, feline rescue.
The shelter is also my home and the cats have the run of it. Our cats are not caged, they are treated as part of the family, therefore they get the best socialization possible. As with most rescue organizations, we are always in need of help and supplies. Our wish lists grows faster than our donations come in. We are in need of standard supplies like bleach, litter boxes, litter, cat food, goat chow, hay, straw, mops, paper towels & plates, and always any monetary donation goes directly into the shelter for the care or rescued animals. Please consider donating to this organization if you do not want to adopt. The medical and food costs continue to rise and the number of animals continues upward as well. Small Not-For-Profit organizations like ours can not keep rescuing th ese unwanted without your help. Help us- keep helping them. Visit

FHFR - FieldHaven Feline Rescue
FieldHaven Feline Rescue, a non-profit 501(c) organization, was established in 2003 to provide a safe haven for rescued cats and kittens while awaiting adoption. FieldHaven is located on a private horse ranch in rural Lincoln, CA. The cage-free shelter consists of a converted mobile home and an indoor/outdoor “habitat”. Visit

GFFL - Greyhound Friends for Life
Greyhound Friends for Life is a nonprofit, all volunteer greyhound rescue, adoption, and advocacy organization, dedicated to finding loving and qualified homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California for former racing greyhounds. The reward for adopters is the joy of sharing their homes with an affectionate, loyal, and grateful companion who will be a friend for life. Visit

H4H - Habitat for Horses
Habitat for Horses is dedicated to changing the lives of horses and humans. Their goal is to create a world where horses are respected for their intrinsic value and for their ability to help people fulfill their emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs. They provide equine rescue services to law enforcement agencies, have an active equine adoption program, an equine education center and equine-assisted services for youths and adults. Visit

ODHN - Old Dog Haven
This amazing rescue is a Hospice for senior dogs! Please consider sponsoring a Senior Dog so they can have a dignified happy life! Visit

SWCR - Sarvey Wildlife Center
A wonderful organization that helps wild animals by providing wildlife rehabilitation and care, Edu cating the public to the needs of wildlife and creating a sanctuary for wildlife. Visit


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